Europe's largest hackathon - Building projects defining the next 100 years


From food and drinks to keynotes, workshops and satellite happenings, for all your needs and purposes, we got it. 
Keep checking the schedule for changes and additions to our hectic program for the weekend!

Hackathons are all about taking something you love, combining it with tech and learning something in the process. Junction brings together hackers, designers, the coolest partners, and hardware for one weekend of hacking. It’s a place where creators can let go of their inhibitions and create cool inspiring projects.


Junction is not your standard cafeteria hackathon. Junction is meant to be seen, to be heard, to be felt and most importantly to be experienced. Held annually in the cold and slushy Helsinki of late November, Junction is bound to be an unforgettable experience. In 2015 Junction was built inside of an old abandoned boiler hall. In 2016 it was organized at a 19th-century shipping warehouse right next to the sea in Katajanokka, Helsinki, Finland. In 2017 Junction will be organized in the prestigious Dipoli-building at the Aalto University campus in Otaniemi, Espoo. This uniquely beautiful building is one of the finest examples of Finnish architecture.


Junction has grown to become Europe’s biggest hackathon and an embodiment of the blooming startup ecosystem of the Nordics. But that’s not all we are about. We know that the future is not created by individuals, it’s created by communities, ideologies, and beliefs. That’s why Junction is much more than an event, it is an ideology, a movement with the goal of inspiring and fostering a community of creators. At Junction we believe a fun open-minded environment, innovative industry partners, and a little bit of passion is the beginning to creating a better tomorrow.

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project must be submitted here on Devpost to be eligible for any prizes. One project can be on a maximum of two tracks at the same time. Concentrate on maximizing your learning while also helping others learn.

For the main prize, we're looking for hacks that amaze us in their ultilization of different technologies, have exceptional design and user experience, while also being viable in the real world. We'll be choosing the top hacks of each track at the start of Sunday, and a panel of judges will be choose the final winner.

No code outside of open source libraries is written before the event. You're free to ideate your project beforehand, but to be eligible for prizes, all code must be written at the event. 

Partner challenges are judged completely seperately, and are decided by the connected partners. You can find their judging criteria from

Remember to include your table number.

How to enter

Getting into Junction is a task of its own. Junction 2017 had applications open for just over a month, and the Junction registration platform gathered thousands of applications from all around the world.

Unfortunately, the applications are now closed.


Junction Community Judges

Junction Community Judges
100 Experts from the Junction Community will help choose the track winners and serve as a pre-qualifier for the finalists.

Timo Ahopelto

Timo Ahopelto
Early-stage investor & entrepreneur

Otto Chrons

Otto Chrons
Tech-based Entrepreneur and Graphics Wizard

Inka Mero

Inka Mero
Chairwoman and Co-Founder @ Pivot5

Jari Jaanto

Jari Jaanto
Co-founder @ IRC-Galleria, Ninchat, Heimo. Finnish Internet Legend.

Heidi Kähkönen

Heidi Kähkönen
Founder and Journalist

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Implementation
    Have you used cutting-edge tech to create something technologically amazing?
  • Wow-factor
    Is your hack so creative or cool that it would make even the most seasoned professional say "wow"?
  • Interdisciplinarity
    Have you combined themes from several different challenges into a coherent end result? Have you taken advantage of all of the data, API's and other tech available to you at Junction?
  • Design and UX
    Is the result of your hack visually pleasing or otherwise easy to grasp?